What's the BTS FED?

Training is available in 3 options:


  • Option climate and Engineering fluid (GCF)

  • Option Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (CFA)

  • Option Home automation and building connectivity (DBC)

In this case the BTS high school Fluids Energies and Home automation, Pierre Gilles de Gennes to worthily

Les-Bains has the option: "Home automation and building connectivity (DBC)"

The superior technician in "home automation and smart building" is a specialist in automation and building communication networks. His business is to design, install, program and commission technical solutions in residential and commercial buildings (tertiary sector) that best meet the needs of customers. With the customers , he also has an advisory role and must  help with training them to use the installed solution.These"home automation" or "building management" (GTB) technical solutions are built around communicating automation systems and supervisory positions to manage all equipment such as heating, air, water, lighting, shutters and alarm systems.


Skills required:

 The senior technician is able to cover all the different technical steps of a case, from design to commissioning. He also has a good understanding of marketing techniques to understand the customer needs and make them suitable proposals. He also knows how to estimate and argue to defend his solution to them based on their technical knowledge. To remain a specialist in innovative techniques in terms of building automation, he will keep up to date with the development of techniques .


The training involves two years of study. The diploma HND (BTS) of the STS FED occurs with both one-off events but also with CCF (Training in control) during the two years of training. At the end of the first year, a 9 week internship in a company must be completed as part of the training in order to graduate.

Time table:


















Some information:



Success rate: 94%





















Recrutement :



Level required to integrate a BTS Home Automation


  • Electrical Bac pro (vocational certificate), energy, communicating equipment,

  • Bac pro digital electronic systems,

  • Bac pro service technician energy and climate systems

  • A-levels STI2D

  • A-levels S



Admission after reviewing the application and maintenance.

Access to BTS


When you complete your A-Level you can subscribe to the website to make your choice for your future studies. If you want to apply to PGDG high school go to the official website.

(bachelor degree)




After the BTS



Students who are at the end of this training continue their Master's studies by taking "Adaptation Senior Technicians" (ATS) preparatory classes or by enrolling in engineering schools.


The sectors which recruit mainly operate in various activities:

- Engineering firms (BET)

- Installation and / or maintenance companies,

- Suppliers and / or equipment manufacturers,

- Local authorities


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a = Class

b = Practise work

c = Managed work


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